Thursday, February 28, 2008

NPI and Stuttgart University

Just what is the relationship between NPI and Stuttgart University?


Note - --For more information about ANI's thin film transistor approach please see "Solution-deposited carbon nanotube layers for flexible display applications" published in Physica E 37 (2007), pages 119-123-- LINK -

Question - who are these guys and what is their involvement/connection with NPI:
Axel Schindler(a), Jochen Brill(a), Norbert Fruehauf(a),
Chair of Display Technology, Universitaet Stuttgart, 70550 Stuttgart, Germany

Here's the US patent application:

Of note - claims:
9. A sensor comprising a sensing element for detecting an analyte embedded in a polymer matrix interdispersed with carbon nanotubes.

20. The sensor of claim 19 wherein the sensing element is deposited on a conducting polymer deposited on a substrate.

21. A sensor comprising a sensing element for detecting an analyte, wherein the sensor is coupled to a carbon nanotube.

Re Axel Shindler

The Stuttgart University activities:

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