Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kanzius and water as fuel

Here's a sexy story - this guy Kanzius I follow - he's a radio guy and has a device that may, likely will, cure cancer using radio waves and nanoparticles and it is actively under development by renowned cancer centers - has found that when he zaps water with salt in it (salt water - like ocean water!) with his radio wave device - the very one he developed to treat cancer patients - he gets something out of the water that burns! Is it H2? Is it something else? He doesn't know but is researching the thing to find out. Now, if he can get fuel from water and do so putting in less energy than he gets out - I'm interested to say the least. I follow this guy around the internet like a puppy dog in heat. Will I make a dime from all my 'efforts'? We shall see.

If we could just burn salt water, we'd never run out of fuel

High frequency radiation splits water

Kanzius/Splitting H2O/background search results

Kanzius and H2/Water burns

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