Monday, March 24, 2008

Polluting nanoparticles and CNPs - Questions

Study shows how ultrafine particles in air pollution may cause heart disease


Nice post. I wonder if this finding hurts the claims of Nanobac?
The questions that come to mind are:
Does Nanobac need to prove that the CNP we are studying are alive?
Doesn't the claim you referenced seem to contradict that the plaque buildup in the arteries is primarily the CNPs which we believe are our living little creatures?
Does our IP cover the possible eradication processes if the nanoparticles are pollution based and not alive as we believe?
Many questions but you seem to be of better overall understanding than I so any answer or opinion would be appreciated. Thanks C


It IS surprisingly similar!!

Nanoparticles from this recent study seem to cause problems. Are calcifying nanoparticles involved? They do not say the are not - perhaps they have never heard of CNPs!! It would be prudent, IMO, to get both research groups together to analyze ALL their findings and determine EXACTLY what is going on to cause this disease process.


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