Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cancer Fighting Virus Study/Reolysin

by Amy Fleming
KIMT News 3 & MedStarSource

San Antonio, TX - Sarcoma is a potentially deadly form of caner attacking the soft tissues and bones.

The Natiional Cancer Institute estimates about 12,000 people are dsiagnosed with it every year and nearly 5,000 die from it.

Now there's a treatment using a virus that's showing incredible results.

The novel treatment uses a living virus called Reolysin.

It's given to the patient intravenously every day for five days, every month.

It isn't a chemotherapy drug, but it is toxic to cancer cells.

Side effects from Reolysin are extremely mild compared to traditional treatments.

For more information on the study go to Type the identification number is the search box: NCT00503295.

You can also call The Cancer Therapy & Research Center in San Antonio, TX at 210-450-5798.


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