Friday, May 16, 2008

Nano-Proprietary, Inc. and NanoReady Ltd. Announce Strategic Alliance to Commercialize Metallic Nanoparticles

May 15, 2008: 09:05 AM EST

Nano-Proprietary, Inc. (OTCBB: NNPP), through its subsidiary, Applied Nanotech, Inc. (ANI), and NanoReady Ltd. of Israel announced a strategic alliance for the manufacturing in volume metallic nanoparticles using NanoReady's wet chemistry process.

The initial focus of the strategic alliance will be volume production of copper nanoparticles to be utilized on a worldwide exclusive basis by ANI and its partner in Japan (a leading industrial chemical products company, see the press release of October 1, 2007) for producing inkjettable copper inks for the flexible electronics, solar cell, digital printed circuit board (PCB) and many other industries.

The current agreement with NanoReady is highly important due to ANI's fast progress in developing inkjettable copper inks. Based on this progress ANI and its partner in Japan decided that it would be important to secure volume production of copper nanoparticles and, in the future, other metallic nanoparticles for their metallic ink products.

"We are very pleased to cooperate with NanoReady and develop our products based on their proprietary wet chemistry process that is inducible to high volume production of copper nanoparticles required for our ink products," said Dr. Zvi Yaniv, president and CEO of ANI.

Ronen Frish, NanoReady's CEO, adds: "The cooperation of our two companies opens a broad range of new opportunities within the ink industry and will lead to opportunities in additional industries."


Nano-Proprietary, Inc. is a holding company consisting of two wholly owned operating subsidiaries. Applied Nanotech, Inc. is a premier research and commercialization organization dedicated to developing applications for nanotechnology with an extremely strong position in the fields of electron emission applications from carbon film/nanotubes, sensors, functionalized nanomaterials, and nanoelectronics. Electronic Billboard Technology, Inc. (EBT) possesses technology related to electronic digitized sign technology. The Companies have over 250 patents or patents pending. Nano-Proprietary's business model is to license its technology to partners that will manufacture and distribute products using the technology. Nano-Proprietary's website is

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NanoReady Collaborative, Fast-track Improvement of Products

NanoReady is dedicated to enhancing specific characteristics of a selected element while maintaining its physical dimensions, thus enabling manufacturers to improve products and save process time and costs.

NanoReady Service is designed for manufacturers and product developers who have not yet explored the capabilities of Nanotechnology and wish to improve their products, as well as those who have nanotechnology know-how, and wish to further improve the characteristics of their products. A Nanotechnology project with NanoReady scientist will commonly be completed in the time range of 2-6 months.

Business Model

We have established a proven, effective working process for implementing a nanotechnology project with NanoReady’s scientists and industrial production experts:

  1. NanoReady works with you to discuss which critical elements of your product may be improved with nanoparticle additives.
  2. Together the expected material or product improvement will be defined and technical specifications for the given element/materials agreed.
  3. NanoReady defines the detailed project roadmap.
  4. NanoReady produces the enhanced element/materials prototype
  5. Joint performance testing at your production site (stress or other tests, as appropriate)
  6. If all tests are successfully performed, NanoReady works with you to set logistics for the implementation process.

Typically, the above process can be completed in 2- 6 months, enabling a fast time to market.

NanoReady Service can be implemented several times, including the exploration of further improvements to products that have already gone through the NanoReady Service process, enabling the improvement of additional parameters or changes to the physical dimensions without compromising performance.

Contact us to learn more about how NanoReady Service can improve your products.


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