Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quantum Solar Power Corp., Inc.

I am talking my head off here and elsewhere trying to get NNPP or anybody else to get interested in this rectenna development by NNPP's grandpa, a guy named Howard K. Schmidt.

Look here for the rectenna stuff so far:

I think rectenna empowered solar could bury oil but what company will develop it is unknown - that's why I would like to see NNPP participate and use either Ren (Boston College) or Schmidt's developments or both to cover all the bases.

From :

QV, Quantum Ventures Enters into Agreement with Canadian Integrated Optics International to Manufacture & Market CIOI's Patent Pending Solar Technology

QV Quantum Ventures Inc. announced that the company has entered into a License agreement with Canadian Integrated Optics International Ltd. of Douglas, Isle of Man (CIOI), to manufacture and market CIOI's patent pending solar technology based on an optical rectenna. Closing of this agreement will occur on or about May 16, 2008 and is subject to certain terms and conditions. The Purchase Price for the license shall be paid in shares of the Company's common stock and a royalty.

I got this out of the 8K:

"Patent Rights" means issued patents and pending patent applications in any country in respect of an invention owned by the Licensor relating to the Technology, including provisionals, continuations-in-part, continuations, divisionals, re-issues and extensions of those issued patents and pending patent applications, including inventions described in the specifications of United States Patent Application Numbers 60/911,847, 60/911,815, 60/911,823 and 60/911,837 filed on April 13, 2007.

I searched and found nothing - they are not yet published. '60' signifies an early incomplete informal filing to get an early filing date - they have a year to get a proper application filed and to maintain that early filing date.

Rectenna. Remember it - it will change the world.

Goodbye oil and coal, hello rectenna solar.

What is a rectenna? It is an antenna which receives electromagnetic waves from the sun, for example, and converts them into rectified direct electric current.

Quantm Ventures - shortly (June 16, 2008) to be renamed - Quantum Solar Power Corp., Inc.

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