Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A simple way has been found that promises to make cheap abundant electricity from the heat in air

On 19 June 07, Prof G Mahan, a Thermionics expert and currently a visiting Professor at Penn State University wrote:"It is well known that thermionic power generators would work well at room temperature if one could find a stable material with a low work function……."

If power can be generated at room temperature:•oil will become worthless •the price of electricity will tumble •cars will run on heat from the air •ships will run on heat from sea water

• Fertilizer could be made by a hybrid of solar and the new generator, to make Syngas and recombine with nitrogen on farm;
• As the process produces large amount of cooling, limitless quantities of water could be condensed from the air for both agriculture and human consumption.
• The price of food would plummet.
• First and second world living-standards would skyrocket.
• Malaria would be eradicated by universal air conditioning.

Work function is the force holding free electrons to a surface. As with gravity, the higher it is, the harder it is to escape. Here is a list of work functions & the Amps of electrons escaping at room temp. • Escaping electrons make a metal positively charged. • If the metal is connected to the Earth, a supply of free electrons, it will draw in electrons to regain neutral charge.

• Escaping electrons make a metal positively charged. • If the metal is connected to the Earth, a supply of free electrons, it will draw in electrons to regain neutral charge.

•The force on the electrons is equal to work function. • If the force (emf) acts via a Faraday motor & dynamo we can get high power output.

A hundred years of searching has failed to deliver an economical work function.
Three important points:
• A disk rotating very rapidly causes the free electrons inside the disk to push against the outside electrons thus inducing millivolts at the outer surface• Sharp points (10:1 height to base) multiply this effect by 1000• At room temperature the average free electron in a metal travels at 100,000 meters/sec. The most energetic of them travel at up to 1,000,000 meters/sec.

• By combining rotation and points, we can produce an effective 0.15ev work function. • The drawing below shows how these effects can be incorporated in a design. • It shows (in cross section) a red disk spinning on a 240v a.c dynamo shaft. • Above the disk is a ring magnet (yellow) which is connected to magnetic iron (grey).• At the outer edge of the disk there is an array of sharp points. • The disk gets replacement electrons via a very sharp (for low loss) secondary needle array (top of orange). • The dynamo (blue) works initially as a motor to get the disk up to design speed, then it is a dynamo.

• The team's major asset was Philip's immense understanding of science• The project was to use Philip’s scientific inventiveness to look for solutions to 3rd world energy problems.• Within a few years Philip had his once-in-a-lifetime revolutionary idea: • it was possible to replace temperature difference with acceleration in the thermionic process.• i.e. to trick the metal into acting as if it were several hundred degrees hotter that what it actually was.

We, Philip Hardcastle and Paul Solomon, give to the World permission to make electricity with our device for personal home use free of charge.
We do this – not only because the aim of this project was to help the world – but also because we feel it would be immoral for us to do otherwise.
We never anticipated that we would find such a complete solution to the world’s most pressing crisis, let alone the ONLY solution conceivable.
And even though we could foresee a looming food crisis, we didn’t expect it so soon, and like everyone, are appalled at the present situation where, in a world so rich, there are millions of people literally eating mud-cakes to stave off starvation.

And even though we anticipated that fossil fuel pollution might eventually cause global warming, we are shocked by the apparent speed.We fear for the world. That is why we have gone public with the invention this early.We still haven’t built a prototype, lodged anything but interim patent applications to protect the gift and reserve all other rights, nor raised the money required to commercialise the discovery.But the world can’t wait while we do these things in the normal manner.Every day that this invention is delayed, thousands of children will die of starvation.

• In 350BC Plato rejected Democritus’s atomic theory. • This led to the atom being lost as a scientific concept for twenty centuries. • It took over 50 yrs before William Harvey’s 1628 discovery (that blood pumped by the heart circulated around the body) was accepted by the medical profession. • It took till after Galileo’s death for science to recognise the discoveries for which he died, under house-arrest.• Even when Dalton rediscovered the atom for science in1808, the two greatest scientists of his time (Davy and Berthollet) independently ridiculed him.• When Ohm proposed Ohm’s Law in 1827, he was sacked. • The discoverer of the value of omega3 oil was hounded out of science by his colleagues and died a broken man.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.
So it is in 2008 as it was in 350BCHistory tells us that the normal process of acceptance of a scientific idea is in 4 stages: (i) this is worthless nonsense ;(ii) this is an interesting but perverse point of view;(iii) this is true, but quite unimportant;(iv) Always have I said so.

Too many children will starve while the above process takes place.If we all pull together the new generator could be in production next yearDemand your politicians to support the Thermionic Revolution NOW


I suggest the use of carbon nanotubes as the sharp points.

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