Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Japan's Sony affiliate to mass produce FED panels in 2009 - report

Tuesday, July 01, 2008; Posted: 06:34 PM

TOKYO, Jul 02, 2008 (Thomson Financial via COMTEX) -- Sony Corp. affiliate Field Emission Technologies Inc. plans to begin mass-producing a new type of flat panel called an FED (field emission display) at the end of 2009, the Nikkei newspaper reported on Wednesday, without citing sources.

FED panels offer clear video quality and are claimed to have twice the energy efficiency of LCD panels.

With all the necessary technologies in place, the company will acquire Pioneer Corp.'s plasma panel plant in Kagoshima Prefecture by year's end to launch commercial production of FED panels.

The total investment is estimated at 20 to 30 billion yen ($188.5 million to $282.7 million), the report said.

The firm will initially produce 10,000 26-inch FED panels a year at the plant to supply medical and broadcasting equipment manufacturers, then seek to enter the television market with 60-inch panels.

It will target annual FED sales of 25 billion yen in two years after the start of mass production, and eventually boost output to 100 billion yen.

Field Emission Technologies was spun off from Sony in December 2006 and is now 37.8 percent owned by Sony, with the remainder held by investment funds.



Could be the biggest news we have ever heard or will ever hear again. K is ecstatic if, as I really truly believe, these displays are CNT blessed. What will Bijou demand? 5% royalty? 2%? $50/screen? Anything????? Perhaps Mitsui will deal?

As I said --COULD BE--! Cause 100 billion yen= $1 billion USD, and that's PER YEAR!!

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