Thursday, October 30, 2008

Diamond structures as fuel capsules for nuclear fusion

United States Patent Application 20080256850
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Kley; Victor B. October 23, 2008

Diamond structures as fuel capsules for nuclear fusion


Fuel capsules usable in inertial confinement fusion (ICF) reactors have shells made from materials having a diamond (sp.sup.3) lattice structure, including diamond materials in synthetic crystalline, polycrystalline (ordered or disordered), nanocrystalline and amorphous forms. The interior of the shell is filled with a fusion fuel mixture, including any combination of deuterium and/or tritium and/or helium-3 and/or other fusible isotopes.

Inventors: Kley; Victor B.; (US)
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Assignee Name and Adress: General Nanotechnology LLC

Serial No.: 152032
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Filed: May 10, 2008

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1-113. (canceled)

114. An article of manufacture, comprising:a shell enclosing a hollow volume; wherein a nanocrystalline diamond film having a surface roughness less than about 400 nm comprises the wall of said shell.

122. The article of claim 120, wherein at least one fusion fuel selected from deuterium and tritium is disposed therein said hollow volume.

123. The article of claim 122, wherein said fusion fuel further comprises a frozen layer of deuterium-tritium (DT) fuel and a central DT gas core.

124. The article of claim 122, wherein said fusion fuel comprises a pressure greater than about 1 atm.

130. A method of fabricating a diamond shell, comprising:providing a substrate; symmetrically depositing a diamond film on said substrate; removing said substrate so as to produce a hollow core; refilling said hollow core with a nuclear fuel; and focusing an ion beam on one or more fill perforations in a C.sub.14H.sub.10 atmosphere so as to produce a target use for inertial confinement fusion.