Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Modular electroporation device with disposable electrode and drug delivery components

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United States Patent Application 20080058706

Zhang; Lei ; et al.

March 6, 2008

Modular electroporation device with disposable electrode and drug delivery components


The invention comprises a modular electroporation device for use in clinical settings. The device includes components which may be varied or adapted for application of electroporation-based delivery of therapeutic agents to cells of a subject in a variety of electroporation formats such as intratissue electroporation or transsurface electroporation. The device components include a hand-manipulable handle with activation switch and a disposable head comprising electrodes, injection port, electrode directional and depth guide, and a slideably engaged electrode safety shield.

Inventors: Zhang; Lei; (San Diego, CA) ; Gamelin; Andre S.; (Vista, CA) ; Rabussay; Dietmar; (Solana Beach, CA)

Assignee Name and Adress:
Genetronics, Inc.
San Diego

Serial No.: 784892
Series Code: 11
Filed: April 10, 2007


1. An electroporation device comprising: a handle in electrical communication with an electric pulse generating source; and in electrical communication with said handle a head component comprising elements selected from the group consisting of a plurality of electrodes, an injection port, and an electrode safety shield.


[0003] Electroporation has proven to be useful in the delivery of substances directly into biologic cells of tissues. The methodologies employed for electroporation of such materials into tissues have varied and the devices designed for such electroporation have been numerous. However, there remains a need in the art for a clinically-friendly and user-friendly device that can be employed to administer therapeutic agents to patients in need thereof. To date there is no single device designed to have modular components, some of which are intended to be disposable after a single use, that is inexpensive to produce yet highly effective in the clinic and that incorporates various components including a disposable component for carrying a fluid therapeutic or a disposable needle tipped head with safety shield and other functional features. Of particular need is a device that can be easily employed to administer therapeutic compounds to large numbers of patients in a short period of time and while maintaining accuracy in the administration of a therapeutic agent into patient tissues relative to positioning of electrodes in such tissues.


Neat, nifty little device! Very practical at a clinic.