Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Report: Samsung SDI Investigating the Use of CNT in BLUs (July 16)

Industry officials revealed that Samsung SDI is in the process of considering carbon nanotube (CNT) material for use in its backlight unit (BLU) business, Display Bank reported on July 8.

Display Bank cited industry sources as stating that Samsung SDI has completed development of next-generation CNT BLU, which would emerge as the next technology in backlighting applications, after CCFL and LED. The company is exploring using the technology in various electronic products including LCD TVs larger than 40 inches.

According to Display Bank, CNT BLU could measure less than 1cm thick, and would offer benefits of both CCFL and LED BLU. A Samsung SDI-related spokesperson confirmed the "ongoing research of CNT BLU" to Display Bank but would not offer any specifics.