Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Full body IRE

A full (or part) body IRE body conforming set(s) of opposing electrodes. Would that be feasible, wise, workable?

A tip to toe body sized form fitting electrode assembly covering front and back and sides encompassing the entire body with appropriate IRE pulses fed to the body parts involved with cancer that would zap cancer cells and kill them.

Or a portion of a human body encompassing arrangement at the wrist, for example, to zap the flowing blood and zapping the leukemia cancer cells flowing therethrough until all are killed.

I know Kanzius is doing just this with high frequency radio waves acting on nanoparticles in the body attached to cancer cells and killing those cancer cells heated to death by the radio wave energy attracted to the nanoparticles and transferred to the attached cancer cells.

This whole body (or part thereof) IRE device I propose would give the same result (subject to verification, of course, I am only proposing here) - cancer cell death - but without the need for any nanoparticles or needles.


Just a thought!

Something simple, painless and effective. And quick.

Now all we need is someone to build and test it.

Inovio (INO)!!??