Saturday, February 28, 2009

Re 636 nm spectral poperties

Absorption Spectra of Formylchlorins
The absorption spectra of the formylchlorins (in toluene at room temperature) are summarized in Table 2. Three classes are noted: zinc chlorins bearing a 10-mesityl group (ZnC-M10 series); zinc chlorins bearing a 5-p-tolyl group and a 10-mesityl group (ZnC-T5M10 series); and various free base chlorins (FbC series). Selected absorption spectra of the ZnC-M10 series are shown in Figure 1 (see Supporting Information for additional spectra).
Table 2Table 2
Spectral Properties of Chlorins.a
Figure 1Figure 1
Absorption spectra (normalized) in toluene at room temperature of ZnC-M10 (trace a, λQy 606 nm),17ZnC-M10F13 (trace b, λQy 634 nm), ZnC-F5P10 (trace c, λQy 650 nm), and ZnC-F3M10F13 (trace d, λQy 667 nm).

The long-wavelength absorption band can now be tuned over the range of 606 – 667 nm.