Monday, October 19, 2009

Kanzius Machine Offers Cancer Treatment Hope

Kanzius Machine

Sometimes it takes someone outside of a given field to truly come up with something remarkable, and the Kanzius Machine may be one of those stories.

Former radio executive John Kanzius was diagnosed with a deadly form of leukemia and was determined to use the time he had left to create something that would treat not only him, but the millions who are diagnosed with cancer each year.

The result was the Kanzius Machine, an experimental cancer treatment that employs a combination of either gold or carbon nanoparticles and radio waves to heat and destroy cancer cells without damaging healthy cells.

Before you suggest that it using radio waves to destroy cancer cells might sound like quackery, according to 60 Minutes cancer researchers are so excited by its promise that it is already being used in laboratory tests on animals as a prelude to official human testing.

Sadly John Kanzius died in February 2009, but the work he started goes on. The 60 Minutes story on the Kanzius Machine as follows:

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