Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Common Virus Will Now Treat Prostate Cancer: Study

A Common Virus Will Now Treat Prostate Cancer: Study

A new Canadian research has been successful in devising a new way of using a common virus to treat prostate cancer. This little microorganism only gives you a little stomach ache, but it also gives you back tenfold.

Researchers from Canada, who have been working relentlessly for their study, believe that their research will give way to cancer therapies which are more effective, that too with fewer negative effects.

Developed by researchers from Alberta, the path breaking therapy uses a reovirus. A reovirus belongs to a family of common viruses that cause mild respiratory and stomach illnesses.

The idea offers a totally fresh approach when compared to the cancer treatments that are in practice today, like radiation and chemotherapy. In the former case, the viruses will attack cancer cells while leaving healthy tissues alone, while the latter destroys healthy tissues as well when it works.

Lead researcher Dr. Don Morris, a Medical Oncologist in the Department of Oncology at the Tom Baker Cancer Center in Calgary told CTV News, "When we first saw these results, the safety and efficacy activity in human patients, ecstatic would be the word".

"The success in the first six patients' trial was everything we hoped for and perhaps more", he said.