Monday, January 24, 2011

Alfa Technology LLC

Alfa Bio-Fuel Station

Alfa Bio-Fuel Station with Bubble Implosion Mixer-Activator, two centrifugal pumps, two filters and water block can produce 2 gallons per minute of low-cost bio-fuel mixture from natural or waste vegetable oils. This mixture is an alternative to more expensive bio-diesel which uses hazardous ingredients such as methanol. The Station can produce the bio-fuel mixture at home with total cost of only $0.45 per gallon. This alternative bio-fuel is already being used in Europe and Australia and its formula is published in Diesel Secret Energy manual and also on Internet. Mobile Alfa Bio-Fuel Station with operational manual can be ordered by manufacturing or franchise agreement.

Alfa Technology LLC
3610 Fieldcrest Dr.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

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Found no US patents - did find one US design patent - they are just for the appearance of a device, not for the way it works - no invention need be involved - only artistic elements.

United States Patent D445,046
Kravtsov July 17, 2001

Bubble generator


The ornamental design for a bubble generator, as shown and described.
Inventors: Kravtsov; Alexander E. (Cincinnati, OH)
Appl. No.: D/131,432
Filed: October 23, 2000

The claimed bubble generator is used to activate the physical processes and main chemical reactions inside stream of any liquid processed by Bubble Implosion Reactor. The bubble generator is used to generate of the bubbles inside stream of processed liquids such as crude oil and its derivatives, wastewater, water emulsion, etc. The collapsing bubbles are used to activate the process of main chemical reactions with local concentration of energy. The main physical effect of the activation process is the Sono-Luminescence phenomenon with spherical implosion inside the collapsed bubble. The bubble collapsing with spherical implosion generates an imploding shock wave that compresses and heats the gas at the center of the bubble to extremely high temperature.

Collapsed bubbles can activate main chemical reactions in oil and its derivatives.