Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Shyster shills and Osceola


Post Date: 7/29/2017 12:17:19 PM in reply to 133400424 by NewMoney
Board: Osceola Gold Inc.Reason: Privacy Violation
Trust me!

Or not.

I contacted the SEC about these shyster shills.

With details about their shenanigans at Osceola.

If they act, good!

If not, I did my duty.

IHub rules.

I'd send you a PM but you have me blocked. And as a non-paying member of iHub I don't have access to some features.

Anyway, wgas!

Tristan V. Stonger - 2 Million PYHH
8/14/15 1,000,000 Common Stock N/A Tristan V. Stonger MD Marketing Services
8/18/15 1,000,000 Common Stock N/A Tristan V. Stonger MD Marketing Services

Of particular interest: William Friedman; Mark Stapp

10/14/15 50,000 Common Stock N/A William Friedman
Marketing Consulting Services
10/14/15 50,000 Common Stock N/A Mark Stapp
Marketing Consulting Services

These two individuals post often on iHub message boards and do NOT identify themselves as paid promoters as required. They received shares for their services - 50,000 each as noted.

iHub and SEC rules and regulations require that these sort of promotions be advertised - they have not been.

William Friedman posts as Rawnoc and Mark Stapp posts as BRIG_88. Here are their particulars for iHub:

Please look into this and take appropriate measures.