Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nanobac Announces Mayo Clinic Researchers Audio Interview

TAMPA, FL, Apr 08, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- Nanobac Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ("Nanobac" or "the Company") announces an audio interview of scientists at Mayo Clinic that discusses calcifying nanoparticles (CNPs or NPs) in arterial and kidney stone disease. The researchers discuss CNPs both as a cause and accelerant of diseases. Please go to Nanobac's website or and listen to Episode 7.

Nanoparticles, which are 1,000 times smaller than a bacterium, are being manufactured and incorporated into some commercial products such as cosmetics and clothing. While nanotechnology holds promise, there is little understanding of how these super small particles might affect us if they get inside our bodies.

Two researchers from the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine will tell us about their research investigating the role these particles might play in disease. John Lieske will talk about his research on the role one nanoparticle may play in the development of kidney stones. And Virginia Miller will tell us about her work on a nanoparticle that may play a role in hardening of the arteries.

Drs. Lieske and Miller will lead a symposium on this topic at the Experimental Biology Conference on Wednesday, April 8.

About Pathologic Calcific Diseases

Irregular calcium deposits are implicated in inflammatory diseases such as heart disease, prostatitis and arthritis, and stone forming diseases such as kidney and gall stones. The impact on the health care delivery system could be substantial given that billions of dollars are spent each year on treating diseases associated with CNPs. The company is well positioned to take advantage of numerous diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities in these sectors.

Nanobac Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has moved its corporate office to 3000 Bayport Drive, Suite 910 Tampa, Florida 33607. The new phone number is 813 865-1125. For more information, visit our website at:


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