Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Self-Propagating Calcifying Nanoparticles as a Unique Entity

Nanobac Announces Peer Reviewed Publication Verifying Self-Propagating Calcifying Nanoparticles as a Unique Entity

"CNPs" Hypothesized to Resemble Prions
TAMPA, FL, Apr 08, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- Nanobac Pharmaceuticals, Inc.NNBP ("Nanobac" or "the Company") announces the multicenter publication of independent research, which reports on the characterization of calcifying nanoparticles (CNPs), formerly known as "nanobacteria," as self-propagating mineral protein complexes. The study was led by a leading French microbiologist, the esteemed professor Didier Raoult (Raoult et al, PLoS Pathogens, February 2008, volume 4, issue 2).

The authors undertook a comprehensive analysis of CNPs utilizing a Nanobacterium strain provided by Nanobac's Chief Research and Science Officer Dr. Olavi Kajander. Their goal was to gain better insight into "such a propagating calcifying agent putatively endowed with pathogenic properties." To address this question, the researchers examined CNPs' propagation conditions, susceptibility to various chemical and physical treatments and their effect on cell viability. CNPs' nucleic acid and proteomic content were also analyzed.

Dr. Kajander stated: "The Raoult study confirms the presence of protein-mineral complexes, consistent with complexes published in Nanobac's Patent Applications, which characterized numerous proteins including fetuin, that the French group studied. The group also hypothesized the conformational change of the proteins being similar to those observed in prions, confirming our position. The study also confirmed that the Company's patented 8D10 antibody effectively detected CNPs as a unique pathogen."

"This work has significant diagnostic implications and supports our findings. The published paper should end discussion about whether CNPs exist, and shift the focus on what they really are and what role they play in various diseases," said Dr. Benedict Maniscalco, Co-Chairman and Chief Medical Officer of Nanobac Pharmaceuticals.

About Pathologic Calcific Diseases
Irregular calcium deposits are implicated in inflammatory diseases such as heart disease, prostatitis and arthritis, and stone forming diseases such as kidney and gall stones. The impact on the health care delivery system could be substantial given that billions of dollars are spent each year on treating diseases associated with CNPs. The company is well positioned to take advantage of numerous diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities in these sectors.
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