Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Phase changeable memory devices including carbon nano tubes

United States Patent 7,378,701 Hideki May 27, 2008, Samsung


An integrated circuit phase changeable memory device includes an integrated circuit substrate, a first electrode on the integrated circuit substrate, and a second electrode on the integrated circuit substrate and spaced apart from the first electrode. A carbon nano tube and a phase changeable layer are serially disposed between the first and second electrodes. An insulating layer can include a contact hole and the carbon nano tube may be provided in the contact hole. Moreover, the phase changeable layer also may be provided at least partially in the contact hole. A layer also may be provided at least partially surrounding the carbon nano tube in the contact hole. Related fabrication methods also are provided.

Inventors: Hideki; Horii (Seoul, KR)

Assignee: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (KR)


Not sure if this is coincidental, but here it is - same issue day as UMK's offering and very similar. I think the USPTO lets them slug it out together outside the patent office as to who owns what. UMK's was magnetic while this one is phase change so that could be the distinction.

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