Sunday, May 11, 2008

Polynano carbon nanotube field emission device

Polynano Glass---( Nano Moving Display Glass )

Polynano carbon nanotube field emission device (CNT-FED) features perfect flat outer screen surface, flat rear screen, very thin thickness, high beam current output of carbon Nanotube emission cathode, circle phosphor dot screen anode, monochrome output, see-through type , wide-environmental operation application. Monochrome display and image interface application.

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Finally something to generate some royalty revenue for Keesmann and ANHI (Applied Nanotech Holdings Inc.)=(Nano-Proprietary - NNPP)!

Long time coming but welcomed with open arms and pocketbooks.

Ya think? ;-) Surely Bijou is all over this like a hawk in heat.


Just in case NOT here are the company particulars:
Polytron Technologies, Inc.

Polytron Technologies Inc. is a subsidiary of Polytronix, Inc.:
Polytron Technologies, Inc.
330 No.67, Taode Road., Taoyuan City, 330, Taiwan
Tel:+886-3-3712958 FAX:+886-3-3712968


Contact Information

805 Alpha Drive
Richardson, Texas 75081-2861

Toll Free: 1-800-904-7045
Phone: 972-238-7045
Fax: 972-644-0805

For technical and engineering questions,

For product information and availability,


TEXAS, eh!!!!

Howdy, pardner.

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